FWQA Membership

Becoming a FWQA Member Has Its Benefits:

We protect your right to do business without onerous over-regulation by state and local government entities.  We work hard to protect our industry from manufacturer to end-user to make sure we all have a chance to succeed. 
  • Your FWQA board keeps an eye on Tallahassee and often attends sessions to make ensure opportunities for the industry. 
  • FWQA monitors state legislation tracking bills dealing with water contaminants and legislation. 
  • Our lobbyist is always looking out for our dealers.
We offer a wide variety of education and training on both the technical and administrative sides of your business. 
  • We offer multiple ways to attend seminars for you and your staff which are often certified for continuing education credits. 
  • All of our virtual training sessions are available to our members in our database to continually go back to for training new staff or just to brush up from time to time.

Our website is not only geared to serve our members, but we structured it to give your potential client a chance to learn a little about water and reach out to you, our member, in their service area.

  • Listing by zip code and service for consumers
  • Listing by type of manufacturer, distributor. etc. for registered members of FWQA

Keep up on the latest news, products, and education at our annual convention. 

  • Every year we offer everyone in our industry a chance to see the newest technology and a chance to network with other professionals in our industry. 
  • We offer plenty of social activities to do and classes to assist you to build a more successful business. 
  • Your membership in the FWQA grants you a great discount to attend this multi-day event.
As a member of the FWQA, you have agreed to abide by the WQA code of ethics which FWQA endorses. 
  • Refer to this code proudly and let your customers know that you support our industry and are doing your part in giving back.
  • Know and operate your business with the best interests of our industry