The Florida Flow Blog

Welcome to the NEW FWQA.COM and our “Florida Flow” Blog. Those of us who have been around since before the wheel was invented are catching up with the times! We are making it easier than ever for folks who need help with their water to find an ethical, qualified pro in the water business. Our new website features news and video you can use to be bettered informed about water quality, especially Florida’s water quality. There are also links to help you learn what may be in you water. For FWQA member dealers, we have enhanced our zip code based dealer locator service. Make sure customers can find you and your website!! We are, all together, the FWQA and we’re here to make Florida water cleaner and clearer!

Here’s great news….ANY member can write a blog entry for the Florida Flow. We encourage and welcome all submissions from a wide variety of writers. Water in nature, water conservation, water testing, funny anecdotes about good-ole dihydrogen monoxide….anything you find interesting and want to share with consumers and other members. Just send your paragraph to When we publish it, just like this blog entry, we will give you credit for it and include a link to your website or facebook page. Help promote quality products and professionalism, the cornerstones of the FWQA, along with your OWN business! Thanks for visiting the FWQA.

Submitted by FWQA Member Forrest Vincent with Aqua Solutions